What's Your Classroom Economy?

Classroom Economy Welcome to my blog where I'll post interesting teacher-y things!  This week, I'm working on a classroom economy.  I have tried creating my own materials (too time consuming), I have looked up websites, programs, and signed up for trial offers.  In Texas, we have to teach financial literacy in elementary school, which is really great because kids need to know this stuff!  The problem is, there are so many moving pieces to navigate through to create and manage a classroom economy that is both meaningful and effective. I came across this website called .  It is totally FREE!  If you sign up, you'll get alerts on when documents change.  They have created everything from job applications to paychecks to money to job posters !  I'm definitely going to use some of the resources from that site.  All the instructions are pretty straight forward.  It's all paper, though, from the folders the kids manage to the paper money.  I w
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